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  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  • Windows Mobile 5
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VoiceMinder 1.0.1024 21/09/06 Trial version English
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  • Windows Mobile 5

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VoiceMinder is a simple solution for those of us who keep track of their task items via email. Currently available for the Windows Mobile 2003/5 Smartphone and Pocket PC, once setup VoiceMinder allows you to quickly record a voice note and have it sent on its way to your email address of choice with just two button presses. No user interface to mess with. No complexities. Just drive/walk/whatever and press the user-configured hotkey to start recording and the hotkey again to stop - instant voice mail!

As wonderful as our Windows Mobile devices are, they still lack an easy way to create actionable items with the most natural method of output we have: our voice. Sure, you can record a voice memo, but what then? You have to remember to listen to it later - it requires an additional action from you, and like a lot of us, you just forget you made the recording and find it weeks later. You could open up Inbox Mobile, create an email to yourself, start the voice recorder, make your recording, then send the email...but try that while driving (actually, don't). You could create a calendar appointment, but what if you aren't able to view the screen on your device?

The execution is simple: VoiceMinder is a single-button push to start, single-button push to finish, fully automated solution that allows you to record a voice memo and email it to a specific email address. Why email? For many of us, it is our to-do list. If I have an email sitting in my Inbox, I can take action on it. The key to having VoiceMinder unlock your productivity is to have it be incredibly streamlined and focused. It's a one-trick pony, yes, but it's a really useful trick.

VoiceMinder lets you save your voice notes to a local database for sending later on when you are connected via ActiveSync or Wifi. The scenario there is that when you sync with your desktop PC, VoiceMinder will use the ActiveSync pass-through connection to deliver the voice memos to your Inbox. The default voice memo recording level is quite space-efficient: a 23 second recording is only 183 KB.

  • SSL SMTP support
  • SMTP Authentication
  • SOCKS proxy support
  • Custom Subject with timestamp
  • Custom To/From Options
  • Test your account simply
  • WAV files recorded efficiently
  • Disconnected mode saves recordings until later
  • Smartphone and Pocket PC support
  • Windows Mobile 5 and 2003/SE support

"Where is the Reminder functionality"

  • 8.0
  • 8.0
  • usability7
  • Stability10
  • Installation10
  • Functionality6
  • Appearance10

This is the only Whole in you're Application

It could have been perfect.

Let me know when you added a simple way to add a reminder alarm

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02 Oct 2007

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